• Injection Molding
Alumina 95% & 99%, Mullite, Porcelain, Steatite, Cordierite
Alumina Ceramic Heaters, PTC Heaters, Baked-on Labels
Low minimum quantities and low tooling charges

• Scientific Glassware
Tubing Custom Connectors/Adapter
Ground Glass
Tapered Joints per ASTM E676
Baked-on Labels

• Electronic Assemblies
Thru-hole and SMT, Flex PCBs, High Density PCBs, Multilayer PCBs
Testing & Calibrating Services
Electrical Engineer on staff to evaluate your design for stability and ease of manufacture

• Injection Molded Plastic
Acrylic, ABS, Polycarbonate
Low minimum quantities and extremely low tooling charges

• Silicone & Rubber Products
Compression Molding, Extruded Tubing, Liquid Silicone Injection Molding
High Temperature 500ºF, Fire Resistant, Medical Grade, High Voltage Insulating, High Strength Rubbers compliant with: RoHS, REACH, Non Phthalate, EDA, FDA, Polycyclic
Hydrocarbons (PAHs)
Low minimum quantities and low tooling charge
Extremely low cost sample tooling available for up to 2000 parts

• Prototyping Engineering Services
3D Printing Prototypes in the final material (ABS, PC, etc.)
Machined Aluminum and Ceramic—test the form, fit, and function of your part
before placing a PO

• Wooden Parts
Housings, Casings
High Tolerance Engineered Wood
Decorative Elements
Laser Marked Wood
Low minimum quantities and low tooling charges