Established in 2003, ANK Design provides engineering and sourcing services for low and high volume components from the USA and abroad. Our service covers you through design, specification, prototyping, quality control, import, and export.

ANK Design specializes in high temperature resistant materials, ceramic heating elements, scientific glassware, and electronic assemblies. Our designers give special attention to the critical requirements of your design, stability of the product over its lifetime, and healthful and environmental considerations, all while keeping an eye on factors which may eliminate unnecessary costs. At your request, we will get your design prototyped in actual materials, not substitutes, so you can test your design in actual conditions.

A sound background in sourcing trade fairs has helped us to develop access to a wide range of national and international suppliers. With our in house bilingual engineers and R&D staff, we are uniquely positioned to facilitate a wide range of products. Through our vendor audits, we supervise manufacturer facilities to evaluate their overall performance and service level, economic status, production capacity, reliable quality, cost control, and on time delivery.

There is no job too small for ANK Design, and we invite the inevitable changes and updates that you need to make your products the best. Our designers remain flexible and economy minded throughout the process. Don't spend dollars with another company when we can provide the same part for cents; and exceed your requirements at the same time.

• Economical rubber and ceramic parts—molded and delivered to customers' door

• Low cost prototyping in real materials—not substitutes
   Allows customers to test designs in actual conditions

• Exceed quality and temperature requirements

• Sourcing: electronic parts and assemblies, ceramic heating elements,
   alumina rods & tubes, plastic injection molding, scientific glassware
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